Pet-Themed Promotional Products

Pet-themed promotional products are a great way to market your business, even if your business has nothing to do with pets.  Pet parents spend 60 billion dollars annually on their fur babies (or feather babies, or scale babies). People love their animals and appreciate pet-themed promotional products from all types of companies.

Hand out dog bandanas with your logo on them at any outdoor event.  Imagine all of those adorable animals happily running around showing off your brand.  Sponsor a booth at a walk or pet-adoption festival and hand out pet-themed promotional products that will be useful to pet owners such as bag dispensers, safety lights for pet collars, food bag clips, etc.  The pet owner will see your logo every time he or she uses the product.

Pet-themed promotional products

My pugs showing off bandanas given to them at an outdoor festival.

Pet events and pet-themed promotional products are also a great way to give back to the community.  Donate custom t-shirts with your logo on the back, and a cute message or dog artwork on the front to a favorite rescue group to give away or sell for a donation.

As a proud mom to two precious pugs, I know that I love it when any company or organization helps animals in general or is kind to my babies.  Paying attention to pets is a great way to increase awareness and positive feelings about your business or organization.

Pet-themed promtional products

Check out our SunDANCE Promos website for more pet-themed promotional product ideas or feel free to call us for help customizing your marketing strategy using promotional products for your next event.

Summer Event Marketing Ideas

Summer is almost here and that means it is time to plan event marketing for all of the summer festivals, concerts, walks, and other outdoor events.  Whether your company or organization has a booth at an event, is sponsoring a festival, or handing out goodie bags at a walk, make sure you give participants useful products to give them a positive feeling about your brand.

The Ultimate Summer Event Marketing Swag Bag

Bags, pens, and t-shirts are the most popular promotional items used for event marketing.  While t-shirts are great to give out before a walk or event, the best item to give away at an event is a bag.  The participants will use the bag to hold any other items given to them by other groups, and they will use the bag at future events, while shopping, or while traveling–creating lots of opportunities for your brand to be seen.  A reusable tote is an inexpensive, yet highly visible, way to get your brand noticed.  To make your brand stand out, make sure to fill it with more unique and useful items such as sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, or a stylish water bottle.

Event Marketing Promotional Tote BagFill it with Immediately Useful Products

At an outdoor event, people need sun protection and hydration.  Include a pair of sunglasses, a lip balm with an SPF, and sunscreen.  Here is a kit that includes sunscreen, aloe, lip balm, and bandages in a custom-printed case.

Suncare Kit for Summer Event MarketingAn umbrella is a great idea for an outdoor event marketing bag.  It can be used in a case of unexpected rain, or to keep participants in the shade on a sunny day.  It will also get a lot of use beyond that particular event.

Summer Event Marketing UmbrellaFinally, add a water bottle to the bag.  People love getting items that they will actually use, so choose a stylish bottle that he or she would love to take to work or to the gym.  It will not only give them a positive view of your company, but it will also show your brand off to gym buddies and coworkers!

Logo Water BottleOf course, we can help put together a unique collection of promotional items to help with your summer event marketing needs.  Give us a call at 918-252-4100 or email us at