Organize Your Life, Manage Your Time With SunDANCE!

It is that time of the year again, all of the 2015 calendars are out and the 2016 new calendars are here! We have calendars and planners to fit everyone’s needs! Organize your life, and tackle the new year in style with SunDANCE!

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Manage your time in style! These modern styles make it easy to make plans and stay organized!


Go for the Green! Recycled calendars are the earth friendly choice!


Appointment books and planners come in a variety of formats to make it easy to organize your life to suit your planning style.


It’s good to be flexible. Erasable calendars make it easy to change your schedule at a moments notice!


Fashion and Function! Add flair to your work space with designer style desk pads.

As a SunDANCE customer, you should have received a 2016 calendar catalog in the mail, if you haven’t please let your DANCE partner know so we can send one out!

Don’t forget we also have the Designer  2016 Planners available too!!


Stop and PINK about it!


The pink ink in this pen is better than you think! It features uni Super ink, specially formulated to get trapped in paper, so document alteration is virtually impossible! The ink is also fade and water resistant, so everything you write is here to stay!  With a comfortable textured grip for more control, this is the pink pen to get! The best part, with each purchase a portion of the proceeds is donated to the City of Hope to help fight breast cancer! There has never been a better pen to make your mark with!

pink ink Order from SunDANCE today!

Tasteful Organization with Post-it

Tasteful Organization

Tasteful Organization: Order qualifying organization products from Scotch, and receive a $10 Panera Bread gift card for tasty treats!

Today, Scotch Brand makes everything from tacky glue to laminator machines. But our story began in 1930 with one simple product: tape! For over 75 years, Scotch brand has meant quality products for the assurance and satisfaction of a job well done. Look to Scotch brand for great ideas that stick!

Click the image below to get the rebate information and to see all qualifying products!
Promotion expires December 31st, 2015.

tasteful organization paneraOrder Scotch Products from SunDANCE today!!

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Sponge Blog Cleaning Pants!!


Sponge got grunge?

It is important to clean the break room on a regular basis. Have you ever stopped to wonder how many germs live on a kitchen sponge? From cleaning up break room spills, to dirty dishes those sponges see a lot of germs daily. Here is how you can keep those community break room sponges sanitary for everyday office use. Do this weekly to make those sponges last longer and prevent them from becoming moldy (and prevent that smelly odor they can get!)

  1. Rinse sponge thoroughly to remove all remaining soap in hot running water squeezing the sponge until the water runs clear.
  2. Dip in clean water and make sure it is completely wet.
  3. Microwave for 30 seconds at a time until hot. This ensures the sponge doesn’t dry out and catch fire.
  4. Use tongs to remove from microwave and rinse.
  5. Let completely dry.


Here at SunDANCE we have all of your cleaning needs including an array of sponges!

MMM426 spongedobie spongesos sponge

Do you have any other  break room cleaning tips to share? Let us know!

December 2015 Freebies!

This December we have brought back the popular Peanut Butter Crunch for the freebies! Order $350 or more in December on one order and enter the coupon code Yummy and you will receive your free bag!

December FreebieWe have also got some holiday flavor blends on sale for the Keurig! Get yours today!!

december kcupThe SunDANCE family would like to wish you and your office family a very Happy Holiday Season!!

Enjoy Writing with Papermate!

papermate rebatePaper Mate has been providing progressive, performance-driven pens, pencils and correction products for more than 50 years. Today, Paper Mate is introducing a wide range of leading edge, new products that meet the demands of today’s consumers. Our latest innovation, InkJoy, includes a revolutionary new ink system that combines technology and art to deliver the best in effortless writing. From students to professionals, Paper Mate continues its love affair with the American public and the world.

Order $80 of qualifying Papermate products from this rebate form and you will receive a free $25 Visa gift card from Papermate! Offer expires December 31st, 2015.

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Chavez for Charity-October Freebies!!

This year we have found an amazing gift! Order in the month of October and receive one free Chavez for Charity bracelet which supports Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation! A percentage of each bracelet benefits the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation which is focused on eliminating breast cancer, raising awareness in the community, and supporting breast cancer research! 

chavez for charity

When  Chavez for Charity  launched in early 2013, their goal was to create a line of fashion accessories that people would love to wear and at the same time allow them to contribute, in a significant way, to charitable causes they cared about.

Every color in their lines tell a story, and each color represents amazing organizations throughout the world. For every item sold, they donate a percentage of the profits to over 20 amazing and very worthy causes. The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is represented by the Pink Bracelets, others include the Fisher House Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and To see a full list of the Chavez for Charity bracelets, and read more please visit their site here.

Enter Coupon Code PINK on an order $350 or more in October to receive this special gift!

Washi Your Keyboard DIY

washi tape keyboard

Washi Tape is such a fun and simple way to express yourself in your work space on everyday items.

If you know your home keys by heart this is the DIY project for you!

All you need is:
Washi Tape
X-Acto Knife

washi tape keyboard 2

Most standard keyboard keys are 1/2″ x 1/2″ in size. Just cut your tape and use the X-Acto knife to press the tape around the edges.
Done! It is that easy!


SunDANCE has Washi Tape in all sorts of designs and colors available!

Talk about an easy office makeover!

washi tape 3

Acco Ergonomic Products = Free Fitbit

AccoAcco is offering a free Fitbit Zip with the purchase of two of their ergonomic products.

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Please see the form here to see the other products and how to earn your free Fitbit Zip!

Cow Appreciation Day

Obviously us folks at SunDANCE have an appreciation for cows, since we have our own cowbells. So why not celebrate Cow Appreciation Day?

CowIt’s easy to ignore cows, or at least to forget how important they are to our food chain. Cow Appreciation Day sets out to change all of that, and to remind you just how integral cows are to our daily life.

I mean where would we be without ice cream and cheese and all of the other yummies that cows help us get?

Chick-fil-a has a whole event planned to appreciate the cows. If you dress up like a cow and go to participating Chick-fil-a restaurants you can get a free meal!


What are you going to do to appreciate the cows?