Earth-Friendly Promotional Products

Celebrate Earth Day with Earth-Friendly Promotional Products from Sundance Office

Promote your business, organization, or cause with earth-friendly promotional products.  Look for products made from recycled/recyclable materials, products that are biodegradable, and/or products that help reduce waste, such as reusable grocery bags.

Earth-Friendly Promotional Products

Earth Day is on April 22, but you don’t have to wait for a holiday to choose earth-friendly products for promotion.  Here are some ideas of ways you can promote your business and do a small part to help the environment.

Biodegradable and Reusable Tote Bag

This cotton tote bag is the perfect earth-friendly promotional product! Sustainable and spacious, this tote bag is made of 6 oz. biodegradable cotton canvas. A reusable bag takes the place of hundreds of plastic grocery bags, saving landfill space, sea creatures, gas and oil, and more.

Biodegradable BagRecycled Cardboard Notebook and Pen

A recyclable and biodegradable spiral notebook, which also includes a recyclable and biodegradable cardboard pen!  Includes 60 sheets of spiral bound, white, lined paper.  Great for a conference giveaway.

Notebook and Pen SetSeed Paper Mini Cards

Plantable mini cards are a unique promotional idea.  The seed card is made of wildflower seeds that you can simply plant the card, water it, and enjoy lovely flowers.  Each one is handmade from 100% recycled paper.

seed cardIf you need more ideas for earth-friendly promotions, give us a call at 918-252-4100.  We have many other options including recycled sticky note pads, recycled pens, plantable coasters, seed pencils, and more.  Of course, we always have many “green” choices for office supplies, janitorial, and breakroom products.  We can help you make sure everything your company uses is as eco-friendly as possible, from recycled clipboards and folders, to waste-reducing cleaning chemicals.  Make every day Earth Day with earth-friendly products.  Every little bit adds up to help make our planet healthy for us and for future generations.

Going GREEN!

Going GREEN!

Going GREEN should not be hard and the team at SunDANCE is here to help! Try some of these GREEN tips.

1. Printing

Printers are one of the most used office items and represents an area where we can make a significant difference by printing smarter. Try using a multifunction device, this is a combination printer/scanner/copier in one machine and if it is Energy Star rated, it can save both energy and space.


2. Recycle

Many items in your office can be recycled. If you do not have a recycling station at work you can start one up! All you need is a few bins, and an understanding of your local recycling rules. Some of them may include recycling:

  • Paper products like copy paper, envelopes, magazines, etc.
  • Most shipping supplies
  • Soda cans
  • Plastic
  • Ink cartridges
  • Toner cartridges

Did you know SunDANCE has a cartridge recycling program? Ask your DANCE Partner or email us a at to request your cartridge recycle card.


3. Paper

There are some great paper options that are Earth friendly! Many of the top paper manufacturers like Hammermill, Nature Saver, Navigator and Domtar have recycled papers that significantly reduce the carbon footprint of buying and consuming paper. Shop Recycled Paper Here



The team at SunDANCE is here to assistant you on becoming green. If you have questions about products just let us know!

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