Smead SuperTab Folders


Move over simple tabs, there’s a  Smead SuperTab in town. Stop playing hide and seek with your files! Smead SuperTab folders have an oversized tab so you can write BIG, write more and get more done. With SuperTab, you will find all your important files in a flash. . A big improvement for super efficient filing and organizing. And not only that, these folders are made from sugar cane waste fiber (sweet!), so they’re super for the environment as well. Made to fit any vertical or lateral filing system, organizing just got even easier. Easy to file, easy to find…that’s Smead SuperTab!

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Year-End Woes

stockupIt’s that time of season again, and I am not talking about the holidays. Year-end is here or coming up for most of us. It’s time to stock up on your filing supplies and start storing all those old files and begin a new year! SunDANCE has everything you need to keep your office organized and make your year-end  process run smoothly!


File Folders, Hanging Files, and Storage Boxes are all available for next day delivery from SunDANCE!

Also new from Bankers Box are these Stor/Drawer Premier Storage Boxes. Space-saving efficiency never looked so good! These new designs complement most office decor and stack up to 5 high!


BANKERBOXREBATEOrder $100 in Banker Boxes and get $25 dollars back in a mail-in rebate. Offer expires January 31st, 2014. Click the image above to print the rebate.

Six Desk Organizing Items That Will Change Your Life

Desk clutter is so hard to overcome sometimes. You want everything within arms reach, however you don’t want your desk to look like chaotic mess.

Stress no more my friend. Let me show you six desk organizing items that will seriously change your life.

1. Esselte Color-Coded Mobile Hanging File

Hold on to your hats my friends, this one will blow you away. If you are in a tiny workspace, like a cubicle, you can hang this from your partition.

If you need something more portable, you can use it as a portable expanding file. Pretty cool huh?

2. Post-it Rotary Desktop Organizer

This little guy holds a lot and takes up little space. Rotates 360 degrees so you can get whatever you need in a pinch, plus it is really fun to play with.

3. Post-it Desk Drawer Organizer

This desk organizer is perfect for those of you who prefer desks clear of clutter.

This nifty organizer fits nicely into most desks with its expandable width and includes dispensers for Post-it flags and Scotch tape.

What will they think of next?!

4. Deflect-o Pencil Cup with Photo Frames

Brag without taking up desk space. This pencil cup can open up to reveal two picture frames, or snap closed and become a handy space saver.

This is sure to earn you bragging rights.

5. Rolodex Wire Sort-a-File

This is great for those files you use daily. Stop digging around in your file cabinet and keep your day-to-day work where you can see it.

What are you going to do with all that free time? Read more blog posts maybe?