Swingline: A Cut Above The Rest

Swingline-48207This Swingline Optima Grip Electric Stapler adds awesome to your workday, with no effort at all! Intuitive user control puts you in charge of where and when stapling activates. Let’s take a closer look and I will show you how this Swingline stapler will take you into a life of ease.

In this case, there are two ways about it:
#1: Simply slide sheets and staple, up to 20, on auto mode. (when you are at your desk)  #2: Just press ever so lightly when holding the stapler in grip mode. (when on the go)

Item Number: SWI48207
SWINGLINE 48207Meg introduces you to a new kind of “Electric Slide”!

Hot Tea Month

Nothing is quite as relaxing, or satisfying as a cup of hot tea. Next to water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.  Hot Tea Month is all about  encouraging you to branch out and try new types and flavors of tea!

hot tea month Nothing feels cozier than snuggling up by the fire and enjoying a relaxing cup of warm tea. Hot tea also has many health  benefits, from helping with weight loss to helping fight viral infections.

Celebrate Hot Tea Month at the office with SunDANCE!

Black, green, Earl Grey, herbal, chai, or chamomille —SunDANCE has them all!

CST46003hot teahot tea

We even have delicious Keurig K-Cup options!


Want more ways to celebrate this delicious and healthy hot tea month? Check out this 31 ways to celebrate from about.com.

Our time at St. Jude

Some members of our team here at SunDANCE recently had the unique and amazing experience of traveling to St. Jude Children’s Medical Hospital for a day to learn about the hospital and all of the inspirational things happening there. We were able to spend time playing games and making arts and crafts with some of the brave kiddos that are currently living and receiving treatment at St. Jude.

sundance in front of St. JudeHere we are out in front of the Hospital! (from right to left) Tyler Condry, Dyan Condry and Eric Broberg.

Inside the halls of St. Jude

Inside the halls of St. Jude.

So much effort is made to ensure the experience at St. Jude is unlike any other hospital. The halls and rooms are void of that common “hospital smell” and the walls are covered in fun and colorful murals.

ABCs of Cancer

Possibly the most emotional moment of the trip came when walking by the ABCs of Cancer where patients write about their journey through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Across from the ABCs is the KAY KAFE where patients and their families are able to go to eat world class food without having to spend a dime. Story after story about the the care and personalization of the food shows the great lengths the hospital goes to ensuring these children and their families are comfortable.

Paper Crafts

Later in the day after our tour, we spent time at the Target House where patients live while undergoing treatment. We all got pretty good at making paper air planes by the end, although I’m pretty sure Gavin’s flew the farthest!

After shooting pool, playing cards and singing karaoke it was time to leave and say goodbye to these brave kids. The experience was unforgettable and we all came away with admiration for the hospital for all that it provides for these families in need. For more information on St. Jude go to http://www.stjude.org/

Help us raise money for St. Jude this October-December, 2014 by purchasing Hammermill paper. SunDANCE is donating a dollar to St. Jude for every case of Hammermill Tidal MP sold till the end of the year. In addition Hammermill will be giving it’s annual donation of $250,000 to St. Jude for the 4th straight year.

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