Top Office Essentials to Staying Organized

The simple key to a happy stress-free workplace is to stay organized. We all know that can be easier said than done at times, so we have put together a few office essentials that will help you stay on the organized track!

The Plastiklips


These original lightweight plastic paper clips can be used for color-coding and grouping different projects in a stylish organized way.

The Eco-friendly Storage Box

FEL1277601Item #: FEL1277601

File away those old assignments and projects in storage boxes, best part these boxes are recycled! Being Eco-friendly and organized never looked so good!

The Fashion Binder

office binderItem #: SAMU38949

Colorful binders will brighten up your day and keep all your papers organized!

The must-have Pink Stapler

OFFICE STAPLERSThis stapler is an office must-have will keep all your papers together. This two-tone stapler also provides a staple remover on the back!

The File Trays

Office Trays

Item #: KTKAD15

Keep those legal pads and file folders from being scattered all over your desk in these stylish acrylic letter trays!

Order these office essentials from SunDANCE today and be organized tomorrow!

Year-End Woes

stockupIt’s that time of season again, and I am not talking about the holidays. Year-end is here or coming up for most of us. It’s time to stock up on your filing supplies and start storing all those old files and begin a new year! SunDANCE has everything you need to keep your office organized and make your year-end  process run smoothly!


File Folders, Hanging Files, and Storage Boxes are all available for next day delivery from SunDANCE!

Also new from Bankers Box are these Stor/Drawer Premier Storage Boxes. Space-saving efficiency never looked so good! These new designs complement most office decor and stack up to 5 high!


BANKERBOXREBATEOrder $100 in Banker Boxes and get $25 dollars back in a mail-in rebate. Offer expires January 31st, 2014. Click the image above to print the rebate.