Spring Cleaning!

Spring – the season that brings many changes. Its warmer, rainier, allergies are in full force, and it is a great time to some cleaning. Spring Cleaning is one of those things that is good to do, but not always fun.

Spring Cleaning

We have some tips and items to help get your spring cleaning kicked off.

First thing I like to do is to take everything off of my desk and give it a good cleaning. Get all of the dust bunnies out of the crevices and clean out my keyboard.

MMMCL564                    CCS 24302

The next step for me is to go through all of my old files and throw away or shred what I no longer need or make new folders for things I do need. (I like to add some color with colored hanging folders.)

Bsn17525              SMD 64056

If you like your desk to be extra organized like me, then my next step would be to start putting things back in a organized way. Sometimes I even rearrange how my desk is sitting so I can feel like I am in a fresh place. I like to use many different types of desk organizers so I can keep my desk as clean and organized as possible. I love the clear options from Kantek.

KTK AD15               KTK AD45

My final step would be to add some personal touches to your area. Since you spend a majority of your day at your desk, it is nice to have some touches that make it feel more welcoming!

Let us know some of your spring cleaning tips!!

Year-End Woes

stockupIt’s that time of season again, and I am not talking about the holidays. Year-end is here or coming up for most of us. It’s time to stock up on your filing supplies and start storing all those old files and begin a new year! SunDANCE has everything you need to keep your office organized and make your year-end  process run smoothly!


File Folders, Hanging Files, and Storage Boxes are all available for next day delivery from SunDANCE!

Also new from Bankers Box are these Stor/Drawer Premier Storage Boxes. Space-saving efficiency never looked so good! These new designs complement most office decor and stack up to 5 high!


BANKERBOXREBATEOrder $100 in Banker Boxes and get $25 dollars back in a mail-in rebate. Offer expires January 31st, 2014. Click the image above to print the rebate.

Make the Smart Choice!

private label brandsIn today’s challenging business environment, everyone is looking for quality and savings when it comes to everyday items they use in the office.Here at SunDANCE we are constantly searching high and low for ways to save our customers money. As a result of these continuous efforts, we have found a number of brands that consistently deliver the best “bang for your buck”.

SunDANCE’s private label items will help you save money in every office category. These items are made by the name brands you know such as 3M, Acco, Fellowes, and Smead. So with these private label brand items you will still get the quality you expect with the pricing you deserve!

Here are a few of the SunDANCE Private Label Brands available for you!

  • Business Source– the best value in your every day office needs.
  • Lorell– contemporary office furniture including filing, desks, and seating.
  • Elite Image– premium replacement cartridges, labels and paper.
  • Compucessory– computer accessories and technology products.
  • Integra– writing instruments and correction supplies.
  • Genuine Joe– cleaning and breakroom supplies.

If saving money on your everyday office items sounds good to you, than look no further!

We are always happy to help you in finding ways to save your office money. We can even run a special custom report on what you are currently purchasing and let you know if we have more cost effective items available for you! Interested? Call you DANCE Partner today and let them know!

In what ways do you try to save your office money? What strategies do you use? We would love to hear your ideas!  Comment your ideas for a chance to win this assortment of SunDANCE Private Label Goodies!