Corporate Gifts – Ideas and Inspiration

corporate gifts

With the holidays rapidly approaching, now is the time to think about corporate gifts.  Thoughtfully chosen corporate gifts show appreciation for employees or clients.  Create a positive vibe around the office with gifts for the staff, or keep clients loyal with personalized luxury gifts.

The best corporate gifts are useful.  Useful doesn’t necessarily mean the gift has to be practical.  A luxurious, pampering gift such as a spa gift box engraved with your logo or scented candles will make the recipient feel appreciated.  Food items such as chocolates or nuts are always appreciated, as well.  Practical gifts are great, too, because the recipient may use the gift often–for example a mobile charger or thermal mug.

Gift Box with Logo

Corporate gifts can help keep your company on the mind of your customer, and associate your company with a positive feeling.  Customers and clients will think of your company when they use the gift, and will feel valued.  Send an elegant gift such as a leather journal personalized with his or her name embossed on the cover, or a gift basket tailored to his or her interests.


To truly make customers and employees feel appreciated and valued, include a personal, handwritten note with the gift.  This shows more effort and will have a greater impact than simply sending out the same gift and generic card to everyone.  A handwritten note makes the recipient feel that time and effort was put into the gift.  Customized note cards with your company logo and message are a great, as long as a personal written note is inside.


Don’t forget your employees who keep your business running.  As with gifts for clients, the best gifts for employees are thoughtful and useful.  Gifts such as a basket of gourmet snacks, a gift card to a favorite restaurant, or tech gadgets are popular corporate gift items.


Corporate gifts are not just for the holidays!  Gifts are even more appreciated at unexpected times.  Surprise an employee with a gift recognizing an above-and-beyond effort, or send a client a fun gift on a different holiday such as St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Need some more gift ideas?  Give us a call at 918-252-4100 and we will be happy to help you come up with great ideas sure to make an impact!

Custom Promotional Products: Print-Ready Art Part 2

When ordering custom promotional products, it is important to make sure that you have artwork in the correct format and size for printing.  In a previous post, we discussed vector artwork which is needed for custom promotional products such as clothing, bags, drinkware, etc.  This post will focus on printed paper products such as business cards, brochures, invitations, postcards, and folders.

A vector file is not necessary for most printed items.  However, a high-resolution file is a must.  A .pdf is the most common file format used for printed promotional products.  For the tech savvy: the .pdf file needs to be in CMYK format, at least 300 dpi, and the same size or bigger as the final product.

If all of this is a foreign language to you, don’t worry!  Give us a call and we can help.

To put it simply,  a picture grabbed from a website will most likely not work for your print project.  Sharp on the screen does not mean it will look sharp and crisp in print.  Here is a visual example:

web images will not work for printing custom promotional products

The picture looked fine on the computer screen, but when it printed, it looked blurry and pixelated.  We don’t want this to happen on your printed custom promotional products.  When you place an order, we will check your artwork to see if it is print-ready and help you find or create* artwork that will work for your particular project.

Call us today so we can help you create eye-catching, professional business cards, promotional materials, brochures, mailers, and more to make your business or organization stand out.  Also, browse our website for new custom products to help promote your business.

*there may be an artwork fee depending on the amount of work involved.  We will provide an estimate before beginning any work if a fee is involved.

SunDANCE Cares: Indian Health Care

Order on Monday May 23, 2016 to support Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa (IHCRC) which provides health care and related services to Native American members in the Tulsa community.

Indian Health CareSunDANCE will donate 1% of all orders on that day to IHCRC.

Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa has provided quality, culturally-sensitive health care to Indian members of the Tulsa community for nearly 40 years.  Their services include medical, dental, optometry, health education, summer camps for children, and more.  Indian Health Care Resource Center is also an active member of the Tulsa County Wellness partnership and seeks to improve the health of Tulsans “from healthy nutrition to fitness and exercise programs as well as coalition efforts for environmental changes, IHCRC is focused on better health for our community.”

The camps for children include a wellness adventure camp which focuses on diabetes prevention, healthy lifestyles, leadership, team-building, and problem-solving, a cultural enrichment camp which focuses on traditional games, arts, crafts, and cultural field trips, and a spring break camp.

Indian Health Care Resource Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization which relies on donations to continue its valuable service to the Tulsa community.

To donate an extra $1, add item DONATE to your order!

To donate directly, visit

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Pet-Themed Promotional Products

Pet-themed promotional products are a great way to market your business, even if your business has nothing to do with pets.  Pet parents spend 60 billion dollars annually on their fur babies (or feather babies, or scale babies). People love their animals and appreciate pet-themed promotional products from all types of companies.

Hand out dog bandanas with your logo on them at any outdoor event.  Imagine all of those adorable animals happily running around showing off your brand.  Sponsor a booth at a walk or pet-adoption festival and hand out pet-themed promotional products that will be useful to pet owners such as bag dispensers, safety lights for pet collars, food bag clips, etc.  The pet owner will see your logo every time he or she uses the product.

Pet-themed promotional products

My pugs showing off bandanas given to them at an outdoor festival.

Pet events and pet-themed promotional products are also a great way to give back to the community.  Donate custom t-shirts with your logo on the back, and a cute message or dog artwork on the front to a favorite rescue group to give away or sell for a donation.

As a proud mom to two precious pugs, I know that I love it when any company or organization helps animals in general or is kind to my babies.  Paying attention to pets is a great way to increase awareness and positive feelings about your business or organization.

Pet-themed promtional products

Check out our SunDANCE Promos website for more pet-themed promotional product ideas or feel free to call us for help customizing your marketing strategy using promotional products for your next event.

Summer Event Marketing Ideas

Summer is almost here and that means it is time to plan event marketing for all of the summer festivals, concerts, walks, and other outdoor events.  Whether your company or organization has a booth at an event, is sponsoring a festival, or handing out goodie bags at a walk, make sure you give participants useful products to give them a positive feeling about your brand.

The Ultimate Summer Event Marketing Swag Bag

Bags, pens, and t-shirts are the most popular promotional items used for event marketing.  While t-shirts are great to give out before a walk or event, the best item to give away at an event is a bag.  The participants will use the bag to hold any other items given to them by other groups, and they will use the bag at future events, while shopping, or while traveling–creating lots of opportunities for your brand to be seen.  A reusable tote is an inexpensive, yet highly visible, way to get your brand noticed.  To make your brand stand out, make sure to fill it with more unique and useful items such as sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, or a stylish water bottle.

Event Marketing Promotional Tote BagFill it with Immediately Useful Products

At an outdoor event, people need sun protection and hydration.  Include a pair of sunglasses, a lip balm with an SPF, and sunscreen.  Here is a kit that includes sunscreen, aloe, lip balm, and bandages in a custom-printed case.

Suncare Kit for Summer Event MarketingAn umbrella is a great idea for an outdoor event marketing bag.  It can be used in a case of unexpected rain, or to keep participants in the shade on a sunny day.  It will also get a lot of use beyond that particular event.

Summer Event Marketing UmbrellaFinally, add a water bottle to the bag.  People love getting items that they will actually use, so choose a stylish bottle that he or she would love to take to work or to the gym.  It will not only give them a positive view of your company, but it will also show your brand off to gym buddies and coworkers!

Logo Water BottleOf course, we can help put together a unique collection of promotional items to help with your summer event marketing needs.  Give us a call at 918-252-4100 or email us at


Custom Shirts with Your Logo from Local Tulsa Company

Custom shirts are the most popular form of promotional products.  58% of people on the United States own at least one promotional shirt.  T-shirts are especially effective in the midwest, with 95% of people remember the name of a company who gave them a custom shirt.

Custom shirts are loved by all age groups.  It is easy to target to a specific market because there are so many styles of custom shirts available.  Promotional t-shirts do not have to be the boxy, plain white t-shirt with a logo on it.  Your logo can be printed, embroidered, created from rhinestones, appliqued, or any combination of decoration styles to create a unique look.  Your logo can be applied to t-shirts, dressy button up shirts, polo shirts, form-fitting ladies’ shirts, tank-tops, jerseys, and more.  Choose a shirt that fits the current style of your target audience to create a lasting impression!

Custom shirts by age group

Why give shirts to your target audience?  Research shows that consumers have a more favorable view of a company and are more likely to remember it when they are given a promotional product such as a t-shirt.  Promotional shirts are a cost-effective form of advertising that costs less per impression than traditional forms of advertising.

Here are some of our favorite shirts that we can help you customize to suit the style and needs of your target audience.

We love these tri-blend pieced crew neck shirts.  They are a stylish alternative to the basic t-shirt, while still maintaining the same level comfort and universal appeal.  They are available in styles for men and women and in a variety of color combinations.

custom shirts

For a more upscale look, have your logo embroidered on an oxford  shirt.  We like this style by Port Authority that is available in styles for men and women.

custom shirt

For a sporty look, we like these Sport Tek color block polo shirts that are made to wick moisture and resist stains and odors.  They come in different colors and in styles for men and women.

custom promotional polo shirtWe have thousands of available styles.  Browse them at now on our promotional products website, or call us today for a consultation. at 918-252-4100.

*statistics and infographic courtesy of ASI.

** promotional products are not eligible for coupons, discounts, or free shipping.


Earth-Friendly Office Supplies

Earth Day is coming up!  Celebrate Earth Day every day with earth-friendly office supplies.

Earth Day was founded on April 22, 1970.  Today, Earth Day efforts focus on all aspects of the environment from providing cleaner air, to saving endangered species, to protecting rain forests.  You can help protect our planet in small ways, like taking your own cloth bags to the grocery store, recycling your trash, and purchasing recycled products.  Your business or organization can help by using recycled and recyclable office and breakroom products.

Earth-Friendly Office Supplies

We do have several recycled and recyclable products available at SunDANCE.   It may not seem like a big deal, but recycling has many benefits beyond saving trees. According to the University of Southern Indiana, “each ton (2000 pounds) of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water. This represents a 64% energy savings, a 58% water savings, and 60 pounds less of air pollution!”

Here are some of our favorite earth-friendly office supplies available at SunDANCE.

Universal One Recycled Sticky Notes

Make those brilliant ideas stick with made-in-the-USA recycled sticky notes.

Earth-Friendly Office Supplies Recycled Sticky NotesUniversal Recycled Clipboards

Made from 100% recycled hardwood.  Eco-certified for Sustainable Use of Wood Fiber Standard 4-11 by Composite Panel Association.

Earth-Friendly Office Supplies - clipboards

Recycled Interior File Folders, 1/3 Cut Top Tab, Letter, Assorted, 100/Box

Recycled doesn’t have to mean brown and boring!  Organize in style with these colorful recycled interior file folders that fit inside hanging folders.

Earth-friendly colorful file foldersRecycled Tall Kitchen Bags, 13-16gal, .8mil, 24 x 33, White, 150 Bags/Box

Take care of business with these extra-heavy, linear-low-density plastic liners. So tough, they’re nearly puncture-proof. Contains 75% recycled content.

Earth-Friendly Trash BagsEvolution World 24% Recycled Content Hot Cups Convenience Pack – 20oz., 50/PK

Sip your morning coffee from these sturdy and dependable cups made from recycled fiber. Leakproof interior lining and comfortable, smooth-rolled rim.

eco friendly cupUsing earth-friendly office supplies may seem like a small step, but every little bit helps to save the earth.  Happy Earth Day!

SunDANCE Cares: A New Leaf

A New Leaf is our focus for April’s SunDANCE Cares initiative.  This non-profit is on a mission to provide individuals with developmental disabilities with vocational and residential services to increase their independence and individual choices.  Services include life-skills training and marketable job skills training through horticultural therapy.  A New Leaf was founded in 1979 and currently serves 239 adults and children.

SunDANCE Cares: a new leafThis organization provides a variety of essential services to individuals with developmental disabilities in the Tulsa area.  These include group homes, support for individuals living independently, farming at Blooming Acres which provides fresh produce for the community, and other vocational and life-skills programs.

On April 25, SunDANCE will donate 1% of all orders to A New Leaf.

Add the item DONATE to your SunDANCE order to donate a dollar to A New Leaf.

To donate directly, visit


SunDANCE Cares