Embroidered Custom Hats for Pied Piper

Custom HatsThese embroidered custom hats for our client, The Pied Piper, turned out great.  The Pied Piper asked us to create a set of custom merchandise for their pest and lawn services.  These items included the usual promotional items such as custom hats and shirts with their logo, and also a few unusual items–stickers and signs for rodent traps!

We were able to find sources to print custom signs and stickers that the company used to label and number their various pest-control devices.  We had to find a sturdy sticker that was also able to be written on for numbering.  We used the company’s cute and colorful rat logo to make all of the items from hats to traps have a consistent look.

Artwork can look different on different mediums, so we were careful to make sure that the embroidery and printing were consistent with the digital artwork of the logo.  This involved careful matching of colors, selection of hats with the correct color, and detailed communication with the embroiderer to ensure quality.

Custom hats and stickers with logo

The client was happy with their hats, shirts, signs and stickers.  We can help you with any of your custom product needs–whether it is simply custom hats with your logo, or something more unusual, we can help you with every aspect from making sure the artwork is suitable for printing, to selecting products, to  making sure the finished product is the perfect way to promote your brand.  Browse our promotional products website or call us today.


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